" Vous avez reçu gratuitement, donnez gratuitement " (Matthieu 10:8)

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many thank to new life mission
jackson phiri    [email]    ( Zambia ) 2008-07-25     Views : 1070     Touched : 154
thank you rev paul c jong and the new life mission,continue with the
good works.sir the books you are sending me are great and are realy
working here and iam known sir as cowoker by nick name not as jackson
and i feel great sir,sir the books people are saying they are great
and the people are repenting and they read the gospel by the books
the massage is great from all the 55 books you have published the
respond is 100percent,i only believe that you will continue sending
me books once i request,they are many ways of spreading gospel.and i
am spreading gospel by distributing books to lost sour and make them
believe in the gospel of water and the holy spirit.GOD BLESS NEW LIFE


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