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what God said
Ebere Abanonu    [email]    ( Nigeria ) 2008-07-23     Views : 1118     Touched : 171
Dear co-workers, having read some of your comments, i felt i should say something- anything. this is what God said:" the message is strange, but it is needed for the end time ONE FAMILY REUNION with heaven. it is time to re-gather all things both in heaven and on earth by the sickle of divine love. no love is greater than my love for the world as exemplified in My sacrifice for the world. no man is left unforgiven except the one that rejects me and my gospel". God said my sacrifice, what does it mean? you know in the old testament Israel sacrifice because of sin, to take way sin temporarily. but God has sacrificed all because of Love to take away the sin of Israel.
also note that there are two kingdoms: the kingdom of the heathen and the kingdom of Israel and Christ is the king Of Israel.
this is how much i can say. please let us encourage one another, and ant thing that would be an hindrance let's put aside. for instance, your career could be an hindrance, making you satisfied with earthly glory than winning soul.


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