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I am optimistic that the gospel of water and spirit would spread everywhere.
Stephen Gyamera       ( Ghana ) 2010-05-26     Views : 2010     Touched : 250
I thank the Lord for revealing to me the gospel of water and spirit and enabling me to know the truth. It is such a wonderful experience and happily I have started sharing the knowledge with others. It is unfortunate that although we have people preaching about Christ and none of them had never mentioned this truth in their sermons in churches, crusades, and TV and radio programs. I am over sixty years and an elder of Church of Pentecost. I thank God that by His grace and through Brother Henry, I was introduced to some of the new life mission books, namely: Have you truly been born again of the gospel of water and spirit? The tabernacle books have also helped me to understand the gospel of water and spirit. These books have greatly enlightened me on the significance of the Baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist. What we have been made to believe for the past years is to believe in Jesus Christ and His blood on the cross, and this is found to be incorrect. In the Old Testament, daily sins and later yearly sins were atoned on the Day of Atonement and the High Priest was mandated to lay his hand on the head of the sacrificial animal by passing the sins that they have committed the whole year. The animal thus born the sins of the people and had to be killed as it is written Rom 6:23. In the New Testament, however, Jesus offered Himself as the sacrificial animal. So the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River by the laying of hands of John the Baptist transferred the sins of the world on Him. Through this simple act performed over 2000 years ago, my sins and every sin I would commit till I die are washed away and that by believing I am sinless. This is because Jesus who was sinless became sinful after receiving His baptism and died on the cross for me and the whole world. It follows therefore that, the death of Jesus on the cross would have been totally meaningless without His baptism. I am happy that this truth had been revealed to me and that I am sinless, born again and have a passport to heaven. I have started sharing this good news to others and the response shown is overwhelming.

I am optimistic that the gospel of water and spirit would spread everywhere by the power of and grace of God.

Stephen Gyamera, Ghana


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